Gold Coast Blues

A Jules Landau Mystery

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In Marc Krulewitch’s gritty new mystery, perfect for readers of Robert Crais and Marcia Muller, a beautiful missing woman and a mysterious wine lead Chicago shamus Jules Landau straight toward a killer with very bad taste.
Jules Landau’s father was mobbed up, as was his father before him. Jules takes a different path: He’s a licensed private eye, currently collecting his paycheck in cash from a young ex-con looking for his missing girlfriend, Tanya. But as Jules scours Chicago’s North Side, he realizes that any number of people might want to make sure Tanya stays gone. At the heart of her disappearance seems to be a thriving black market for expensive French wine—a vintage so lucrative that Tanya may have paid for it with her life.
Following a trail of cash and power with more twists than a corkscrew, Jules traces a criminal conspiracy back to a corrupt New Jersey cop. With nobody telling the truth, Jules knows he has to act fast . . . because a perfect crime only gets better with age.


“A highly recommended mystery that kept me on the edge of my seat.”—I Heart Reading
“If you need an escapist beach read, or a good noir mystery, this might be the book for you.”—Seattle Book Mama
“[Jules Landau is] an engaging character, well developed, interesting and easy to relate to.”—Splashes into Books
“Landau is a likeable fellow with a penchant for getting in over his head. . . . But he has street smarts when he needs them.”—Reading Reality

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